Himachal Pradesh heading towards ‘blue revolution’


Himachal Pradesh is heading towards ‘blue revolution’ taking long leap in the fish production. Being taken up with the effective state control in the natural, perennial water streams and artificial reservoirs involving thousands of families, beside this vocation was also relishing the delicacy of crores of tourists who visit this state for other reasons.

State Director of Fishery Department Gurucharan Singh stated that state registered 7,35,082 Metric ton fish productions in this year’s record. However the season ended with November month after department impose ban on fish hunting. State registers highest production of fishes about 5,33,880 Metric ton in Govind Sagar Dam, 1,91,888 Metric ton in Pong Dam in Kangra, 9,165 Metric ton in Ranjeet Singh Dam in Bilaspur and 149 Metric ton in Chemra Dam in Chamba. He said that this production is 266 Metric ton more than that of corresponding last year’s as till Nov 2011 it was 7,34,812 Metric ton . State had earned total revenue of Rs. 53.30 Crore from this productions that of Rs. 50 Crore of last year’s. The state exchequer earned royalty of Rs. 83 lakh from it that of Rs. 11.60 lakh that of last year’s, he said rest of the amount was shared by fishermen engaged in the vocation.

In order to control the high quality and economic aquaculture, state fishery department also sawing the seedlings in the natural and artificial water bodies and dams bring blue revolution in the state. Department sawed about 100 lakh fish seedlings last year in different reservoirs of the state and now laid a target for this year of 150 lakh fish seeds.

This fish hunting was emerging as new avenue for self employment, beside the state government was allowing tourists to fish hunting also called angling in the selected streams of Kullu district would also be banned now.

Trout farming is emerging as new mainstay of people in the state as 10,000 families were earning their livelihood from fishery sector. Trout mostly prop up in the clean and cold aquatic life of state having five major rivers and many tributaries. Keeping the fishing potential in mind 35 new fish farms would be set up to promote the fishing farming in the state. State was also promoting rearing of brown trout to fetch the tourists towards this recreational activity which would also decongest the crowded tourists destination in the state. He said that Rs. 47 lakh grant in aid was being made available to such persons. He said that Himachal Pradesh was the only state in the country where the production of trout fish was being done in the private sector successfully. He said that 370 raceways had been established through 160 trout fish producers till now and Rs. 50 lakh had been made available to the department for constructing 100 additional raceways.

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  1. its good that h.p is leading in fish production.this leads a better opportunity for youth like us.congrats again.

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