Himachal encourages Guru-Shishya scheme to preserve folk art



Shimla: Himachal Pradesh would encourage the ‘Guru-Shishya’ (Teacher-Pupil) Scheme to train budding artistes in traditional folk arts of Himachal Pradesh, according to a government release.

The state government would be providing enhanced monthly honorarium to such teachers of Rs 2,000 and also enhance scholarship amount to Rs 500 to the pupils which earlier had been Rs 500 and Rs 300 respectively. As per the scheme, every teacher would provide training to a batch of minimum five students. Training would be given to students in Pahari Paintings, Sculpture, Wood Carving, Folk Dance, Folk Music and Instruments, Chamba Rumaal, Handicrafts, besides training them in ancient scriptures reading and revive the folk art and craft at the verge of extinction.

The state government would associate with IGNOU to open at least three schools wherein students would be imparted training in reading and writing of the ‘Tankri’ script under the guidance of National Manuscripts Mission.

A number of manuscripts in Himachal have been written in ‘Tankri’ script and only few can decipher the script today. Education in ancient scriptures would equip the young generation in to decipher various scripts, besides Tankri and help revive a number of old important documents and manuscripts. These documents are a great source of rich cultural heritage, the state possesses.

The state government wopuld also undertake a project to procure all unpublished manuscripts in possession with the people of the state. These manuscripts would then be published for wider coverage and benefit of the research scholars.

Also, a website for the HP Language, Art and Culture Academy, would soon be launched where all publications and activities of the Academy would be published.

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  1. This is truly a remarkable step in preserving our rich culture and heritage which was going to be almost extinct. It is truly a great step in absolutely right direction. Keep it up.

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