Century old Nahan fire station building lies in disrepair



The old fire brigade building in Nahan, a heritage structure, which was once part of the Nahan Foundry, one of the first steel industries in India, lies in complete disrepair . The building was setup as a club for the employees of the Nahan Foundry and was handed over to the Fire Brigade department in 1988 after closure of the Foundry.

The roof of the building is not in position to with stand rainy season as rain water leaks in the office at different points. The glasses of the window panes are also broken. The hardships further increase for the employees during the winter season as it becomes difficult to sit in the office in the night hours. The residents blame the administration for the apathy towards this heritage structure as funds have not been provided to renovate this century old building at Nahan.

They said that unless they receive funds from Shimla they cannot repair the building. “If this is the condition of district headquarters, what would be the fate of other fire offices in the state”, the official laments. On the condition of anonymity, officials told HimVani that they have written many times to the higher authorities to provide funds for the renovation and repair of the building but to no avail.

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