Dhumal issues rebuttal over the allegation for under utilization of center funds


Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister, who was surprised at the Prime Minister’s speech, alleged that it was previous Congress rule in the state which could not make use of most of funds allocated by the center to Himachal but Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi was blaming his government for the lapse of funds.  Mr. Dhumal said that he did not expect from the part of Prime Minister to issue incorrect figures and canard statements to give edge for the Congress in on going elections. He alleged that about 40 percent of funds lapsed during BJP rule actually belonged to  former Virbhadra Singh government of 2007, as the successive BJP rule could not submit utilization certificate in 2008, when it resumed the power in the state as funds were not been used by the failure of Congress.  He claimed that most of funds belonged to BJP tenure were utilized in subsequent years and it was almost 100 percent in the last three years.

Mr. Dhumal denied the allegations that center had ever given Rs. 10,000 crore financial assistance to Himachal Pradesh during the current rule. He said that Rs. 10,000 crore figure is much high but it did not get additional central assistance of Rs. 10 crore even. Alleging that statement of central assistance was on the tongue of UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi also during the poll, Mr. Dhumal challenged the center to make it public by issuing details when this amount has been released to Himachal.

Condemning the Prime Minister’s allegation over under utilization of National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) fund leveled on the state BJP rule, Mr. Dhumal said that it was previous Congress rule which could utilize just 50.8 percent of NRHM allocation while 101.12 percent was utilized during BJP tenure. He clarified that Rs. 17.87 crore was issued in year 2005 for NRHM out of which Virbhadra Singh government could utilize just Rs. 7.26 crore (40.66 percent). Similarly in year 2006-07 center allocated Rs. 44 crore under this program but Congress used  Rs. 17.32 crore (39.30 percent). BJP resumed power in 2008  when outlay cut down to Rs. 22.78 crore under NHRM and BJP government spent Rs. 16.49. He said that after proper utilization, fund was increased to Rs. 87.34 crore in 2008-09 and Rs. 74.32 crore( 85percent) was utilized. He said that under the mission allocation increased  to Rs. 134 crore in 2010-11 and used Rs. 129 crore (97 percent). He said that during last financial year it was Rs. 149 crore in 2011-12 and used Rs. 140 crore.

He said that during Congress rule only 3386 jobs were provided to youths but it was 50,000 in government sector and 1.50 lakh in the private sector during the BJP rule. He said that BJP rule recruited more than 15,000 teachers in the state while recruitment of 5000 others is under progress.

He said that 99.7 percent children were enrolled in schools, as it is much ahead of other states and national average. He said that Himachal Pradesh has been adjudged one of the best state in the sector of education for recruiting teachers and providing infrastructure in the education institutes.

He said that since inception of MNREGA state got total outlay of Rs. 2055 crore but BJP rule achieved hundred percent target spending Rs 2069 crore, and additional Rs. 14 crore was provided to give additional Rs. 150 daily wage which was followed by the center later. He said that state declared best state in the country for effective implementation of this program.

He said that Prime minister’s statement regarding issuing of allocation for road construction and maintains was misleading as in the previous Congress rule only Rs. 1244 crore were spent on this head while it was Rs. 2282 crore as 3700 kilometers roads and 300 motorable bridges were being constructed during last five years. He claimed that during Congress rule only Rs. 1848 crore were spent on the maintains of roads while it was doubled by spending Rs. 3362 crore in the current rule.

Mr. Dhumal reminded the Prime Minister that he had announced Rs. 4800 crore for different schemes on May 28, 2005 while addressing media persons commissioning NJPC project but after passing more than seven years this announcement was not fulfilled. He accused the center for misleading the innocent and honest people of the state by issuing such statements in the public.

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