Prime Minister slam BJP rule for no development in Himachal


Prime Minister Manmohan Singh  slammed the BJP ruled government in Himachal Pradesh for ignoring the interests of the people. Holding his first election rally in Una town, some 200 km from state capital Shimla, he said, the government has not done much for the state.

“The Nehru-Gandhi family has a bond with Himachal Pradesh and did a lot for it,” he said. He added that whatever development work was undertaken in the state in the past eight years was all due to the financial support extended by the UPA government. “The BJP government has not done any development work in past five years,” he added. “If the Congress party returns to power in the state, it will bring Himachal back on track,” he added.

He said that all foundation stones of developmental work were laid by the Congress government rule but the BJP government was trying to highjack the credit of such schemes after changing their nomenclature. He said that Center increased 30 percent in the state plan size and also increased the economic package from Rs 200 crore to Rs 900 crore. But Dhumal government was accusing the Center of discrimination against the state.

Mr. Singh said that the Center funded “108 ambulance scheme” as 152 vehicles were given to state but state government was trying to take the credit of this scheme after changing its name. Prime Minister said that 25 crore children were taking benefit of mid-day meal program in the country and new IITs, IIMs and Central University were being opened by the Center. He said that one IIT was opened in the Mandi district of Himachal and Central University at Kangra district.

He said that the Center was spending Rs 1800 crore on various road projects and Rs 1200 crore on five hydro electric projects meanwhile. Mr. Singh accused state government for failing to spend Rs 142 crore under national rural health mission as state  could spent Rs. 8 crore only.

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