Can’t Sanjauli be traffic free?


    Since the bypass from the Government College, Sanjauli, to Dhalli has been opened, I’m sure Sanjauli can be made another Mall Road and can be another attraction for tourists, shoppers and walkers.

    However, before this is made, some hitches have to be addressed.

    Let’s take them one by one:

    1. Make all traffic divert from Government College, Sanjauli, to Dhalli. Mini buses plying till Sanjauli Chowk should turn from the Chowk towards Chhotta Shimla. No traffic should be allowed further from that point. Any traffic carrying construction material should be allowed only after 9 PM till 6 AM.

    2. Traffic coming from Kufri should take a diversion from Dhali tunnel towards Vikas Nagar via Bhatta Kuffar. The Sabzi Mandi in Dhalli should be shifted elsewhere and made as the Bus Stop for traffic towards Kufri and Narkanda.

    3. For cars plying in Sanjauli, enough Parking space should be made on the Snajauli Nav Bahar Road. Rather Underground parking should be made, and all traffic should ply from above.  All traffic on Jakhu Forest Road from Sanjauli should be stopped. It should be beautified and made a fun place for tourists to have long walks freely, so that people can enjoy the beauty of rhododendrons and birds chirping.

    4. The thekas, or liquor shop at Sanjauli Chowk should be moved elsewhere.

    5. Encroachments by rehriwallas, or tehbazaari should be stopped between Sanjauli Chowk and Dhalli Tunnel.

    6. The Road between Sanjauli Chowk and Dhalli Tunnel should also be name Mall Road.

    7. Another area that needs to be addressed badly is the traffic lights between Government College Sanjauli and Sanjauli Chowk. At night when buses take a diversion from Sanjauli College to Dhalli, people have to wade through darkness till Sanjauli Chowk. This has to be on the priority list.

    Once the road is free for pedestrians, more and more people will come to shop and have walks. Shop-keepers will upgrade their shops and shoppers would like to shop more and rather go to Shimla. This will also ease the pressure on The main Mall Road Shimla.

    At the same time, Dhingu Temple and Satya Narayan Temple can become tourist attractions. Right now, the traffic is so heavy – though has been eased a bit after the uphill traffic towards Kufri has been diverted from The Government College to Dhalli.

    Also the Khachchar Ground can be developed as a park where people can be come and relax. The children’s park or the ladies park which is in neglect can be taken up again and beautified with a fountain.

    The area can be beautified further with benches to sit on at places like the corner from where the road goes down towards the cremation ground. Even a water fountain can be added there. Even the ladies park, the Khachchar ground can have benches.

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    1. Good idea. But who will stop people taking their vehicles to roads like Dhingu Mandir. There is virtually no planning about vehicle parking space. If public works department (PWD) tries to widen roads at some points to avoid traffic congestion, it is used as parking space by the individuals. Even owner of big houses do not leave parking space for their cars, not to think about the tenants.
      Only solution is to register those vehicle only which has a provision of car parking space.
      Rules should be strict or tolerate the “chalta hai system”,which we criticise several times daily.

    2. For how long & how far?!
      I was born & brought up in Sanjauli…Khanna Kitab Kendra then & now still keeps “MBD” books but the huge diff is (read population)MBD(“Mashobra,Baldeyain & Durgapur” like associations – students !)The pt. is had enough dev taken place in higher areas we’d have less of such probs fr which we are seeking sols now!
      During my tenure on Earth major dev i’ve seen is the bypass road…soooner or later you shall see houses and people descending there too! What next then? What say…Mr.!?

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