Kaul Singh demands ban on IPL


Himachal Pradesh’s Congress Party President, Mr. Kaul Singh Thakur on Saturday backed the call for banning the IPL.

Mr Thakur said “IPL has become a den of dining and wining, money laundering and other kind of immoral acts. Common peoples’ money is involved in the game but the IPL is getting all kinds of tax remission despite the fact that BCCI is a commercial organization.”

Giving the example of financial irregularities in the state, he said that ‘the Dhumal government’ was showering tax benefits and free security services to the HPCA, headed by Chief Minister’s son Anurag Thakur despite it being commercial organization.

Mr Thukar also said, “Himachal is indebted with an unbearable burden of Rs 27,000 Crore but the state government is still showering public money like a feudal lord on a commercial body, which is fund rich and this all is nothing but a misuse of public money.”

Some of the cricket lovers and cricket haters have begun to call The Indian Premier League as ‘Indian Problem League’.

In the recent days IPL-5 has become an ‘adda’ (Den) of spot-fixing, drunken vulgarity and sexual abuse degenerating the civilized game of cricket into a vulgar display of money and immorality. Many MPs across the party line are demanding the banning of IPL to save cricket.

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