Report sought over presence of metal pieces in iron tablets


By: ML Verma

Shimla (Feb 2): Himachal Pradesh health department has sought explanation from concerned drug inspectora about alleged report that metal pieces have been found in iron tablets being manufactured by a state based firm. However, the authorities have yet to take action against the firm.

Talking to HimVani, additional director, health, and director, safety regulations, Rajesh Sharma said the matter came to light that an entire stock of iron tablets has been withdrawn from Maharashtra after a consumer had alerted the food and drug administration about iron pieces being found in a medically-prescribed iron tablet.

Sharma said that the department has not received any official communication from Maharashtra Food and Drug Authority about the fact behind this revelation but it has taken cognizance of media report seeking to confirm the truth.

News item appeared in a section of media alleged that the content of elemental iron in the tablet, prescribed for anemia or lack of red blood cells, was way above permissible limits. Food and Drug Authority commissioner of Maharashtra Mahesh Zagde has reportedly directed the Himachal based Galpha Laboratories to
withdraw the entire stock of the product from Maharashtra. Simultaneously, the FDA has told 76,000-odd medical stores, public health and medical education departments not to prescribe the product, the report claimed.

Sharma, however, added, “Allegation being leveled on the pharma company could be an act of professional rivalry between the competitive firms and state health department was waiting for the report of drug inspector before it would issue any order or ban productions in the firm.”

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