CPIM demands to bring high cement prices under control



Shimla, Nov 12: Communist Party Of India(Marxist) today strongly condemned the state government for not regulating the prices of cement in the state and allowing cement companies to charge hefty prices in comparison to the neighbouring states.

Demanding to bring cement under control commodity price regime, party alleged that its unchecked prices were putting additional burden on people of the state. District Secretary, CPIM Shimla unit Sanjay Chauhan said in a statement released here today that cement outlets were selling it at about Rs.25 to 30 per bag in Himachal Pradesh compared to the neighbouring states, but the state government has no justification for high prices of cement in the state.  Statement also alleged that the state government is giving incentives by giving land in the state at very cheap rates by aquisition,electricity at nominal rates, exemption in other taxes etc., but these cement companies are pricing cement at very hefty price.

CPI(M) demands that the state government must intervene immediately by asking the cement companies to reduce the price of cement in the state and the prices of cement should be atleast 20 percent lower than the prices in neighbouring states.

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