Farmers fume over monkey nuisance, urge HC to intervene


Shimla: Showing strong resentment over continuing havoc caused by monkeys and other wild animals to the standing crops of farmers, Himachal Pradesh Kissan Sabha urged the Himachal Pradesh High court to intervene in the matter prolonged by impasse caused by banning of monkey culling in the state.

Taking animal rights group to task for not being serious on the issue of food security and pathetic conditions of farmers, Kuldeep Tanwar President of HKS said in a statement issued to media today that monkeys were depriving lakhs of farmers from their due in their own yield as they were becoming victims of animals nuisance.

After dragging the peasantry into litigation, so called animal rights group were not serious on the crisis of peasantry, as Himachal Pradesh High court has ordered ban on culling of monkeys, on the plea of animal rights group, while state government has declared monkeys  as vermin’s.

Highlighting the concern of lakhs of farmers and their dependents, Mr Tanwar urged Himachal Pradesh High court to immediately intervene in the matter as livelihood of farmers were on stake due to prolonged monkey nuisance in the state.

Accusing the BJP government and Congress of not being serious on the issue, he asserted that farmers were forced to abandon their livelihood, while land mafia and realtors were allowed free hand to indulge in land deals under the patronage of Union and State governments.

Seeking Union governments intervention to re-allow scientific culling and export of monkey for bio-medical studies, left wing farmer leader demanded that state government and opposition should have to bring in an unanimous resolution in the coming winter session of state assembly in this regard.

Rabi and Kharif crops were badly damaged by the monkeys in the state. Kissan Sabha considers the sterilization campaign of Simians by the state government is a welcome move but it would not yield immediate benefits for the  farmers.

The matter of animal threat to crops was under consideration before State High court which has banned culling of monkeys for last 11 months in favour of animal rights groups.

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