Himachal produces 1579 thousand tonnes of food grains



    Food grain production in Himachal Pradesh has increased from 200 thousand tonnes to 1579 thousand tonnes in the last 50 years. This information was shared today by a spokesman of state Agriculture Department. He also said that the food products from Himachal were in huge demand due to high quality and off seasonal production. Total production of various food items stood as follows:

    Name        1950-51(Thousand Tonne)        2010-11 (Thousand Tonne)

    Maize                  67.3                                                    740.64
    Rice                   28.3                                                   113.54
    Wheat                 61.2                                                    670.04
    Vegitable          25.0                                                   1269.00
    Ginger                 1.24                                                      3.20
    Potato                 1.60                                                    205.97

    Terrace farming fields in Himachal

    In addition the has produced 1250 MT fruit and 800 MT tonnes of Honey this year. Out of total 55.67 lakh hectare in the state 9.33 lakh hectare is now under cultivation thus creating livelihood opportunities for 968000 farmers in the state.

    Kangra district lead in potato production with 47688 tonnes of potato produced last followed by district Shimla 39,075 tones. Most of the potato being produced in Kangra is now being used in the Potato chip making units setup in district Una of the state.

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