Gandhiji's statue rallying point for Anna's supporters in Shimla


By: ML Verma

Shimla (Aug 21): People from different parts of the state gathered in front of the historic statue of Mahatma Gandhi at the Ridge ground here today as Anna Hazare’s crusade against corruption gathered pace.

People were seen singing Mahatma’s bhajans besides shouting loud slogans against the Congress-led UPA government at the center, terming it anti-people and pro-corruption.
A man from Kasauli areas, Tulsi Ram, has been on ‘fast-unto-death’ for last four days under the statute.

Pumplets bearing the message of Anna Hazare and appeals to lodge a protest in a peacefully manner and Mahatma Gandhi’s khadi caps were being distributed to people.  The Gandhi cap is already out of stock in the town as youth and old had been wearing it to express their solidarity. Sushil Tanwar, convener of Ashadeep, a prominent civil rights group, told HimVani that there were proposal to buy the white cap from Khadi Board and other co-operative society showrooms on the Mall and Lower Bazaar but they did not find even a single cap.

Including CPI(M), BJP, Shiva Sena, Professional Photographer of Ridge
ground, Ashadeep, Art of Living, lawyers of Shimla bar associations, Anti-terrorists Front state Unit, Taxi operators, Student Union, Employees Unions, local trade and business unions are protesting in the town since Anna started his agitations.

While a number of teenagers and youngsters were found roaming round bookshops on Mall on Saturday enquiring about books on Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi as they were impressed by the Anna’s resolved. Ashok Kumar Daur, owner of Sharma News Agency near Combermere, told HimVani that as many as 50 books related to Swami Vivekananda have been sold by him in last few days. Books on Mahatma Gandhi are also having heavy demand as four to five copies were being sold daily, Daur said.

Ashok Kingar, a prominent bookstore owner, said all books about Vivekananda were ‘out of stock’ while books related to Mahatma Gandhi like ‘My experiment with truth’ and ‘Satya Prakesh’ were also being purchased in great numbers.

Summer Hill, having a couple of good book stores, is also witnessing a surge in sale of patriotic literature. Thakur Book Store, owned by Satish Thakur, told HimVani that he had huge demand for such books after Anna’s interview on TV that he was inspired by Vivekananda to become a Gandhian. Prominent places and like Scandal Point, Mall Road, Coffee house and Baljee’s restaurants are also witnessing massive debates on the agitations.

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ML Verma is a Senior journalist, with more than a decade of experience of active reporting for electronic media, news agencies and fast paced online media.

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  1. It pleasure for Himachal that Tulsi Ramji also doing fast unto death in support of Anna at the Ridge. Corruption is main reason for number of problems being face by the people of this countary in which our socall leaders were equall accomplice in this loot and plunder. Let us resolve to throw them out of power. Keeping this in mind please come out to support Anna Hazare in his cause for the nation to root out the mence. Forgetting difference of class, relgion caste and creed

  2. Reminds me of astro’s moon walking historic words,”A small step for man , a giant leap for mankind!”

    • In the Center Left is indeed supporting Jan Lok Pal Bill but Shimla div. thought that others have stolen away their genetic right to be photographed ! LEFTOVERS you see !!

  3. In todays debate comrade yechury is feeling hungary, I think he forgot to bring his tiffen thats why asking for lunch break of 1/2 hour on the other hand one man is sitting without any food since last 12 days?? what a irony????

  4. Yechury gave outstanding speech in support of Jan Lokpal Bill in parliment yesterday. It is not yechury who cannot live without food for launch break but all of us but Anna is exception.

    Despite the fact that number of people in the country could not get one square meal today. Think of those who were bent upon the crush this agitation and prominent two top parties. State and District Unit of CPI(m) including CPI alos organised massive protest in this capital town and many places aganist corruption on August 23 after Anna set on fast. Few paper covered the protests while many of them always avoid them.

    Cong, BJP, BSP and RJD were on one side , TMC, DMK and NCP did not even make their stand clear despite many of their MPs were with Anna. If you go through debate if there was any substance and lession to them Yechury was pragmatic than other who should not compare people like this.

  5. Agree, But can you tell me why media do this step motherly treatment with leftists..And by the way other people also gave good debate. It was not a single debate which was good and pragmatic. And above all these pravachans ( As per BJP) what we heard in sansad from every political parties is not going to serve any purpose unless some solid is done. we have lot of philospher in our countries and I have heard that leftists are number one in this>>>.

  6. Indian Media is mainly control and owned by big industrial houses and captilists who never like Leftists in the meanstream despite they have ability to do more than pragmatic debate but the people of this nation should understand to vote for with clean image or there should be electoral reforms as Arvind Kajerwal of team Anna stressed in his speech. There is lot of space to good people in the poltics but it most of us did not like to enter in the domain. Due to dearth of far sighted people in our polity burocarcy and corrupt poltician occupying the places despite we voters elect them. The awarness created by Anna Hazare should be eye opener to all of us. Despite having fail to protect interest of this nation or public why people of this country elect such complecent class to power. Let exercise our vote with little cautiously hope it would change for better. The agitation was not digested by a class who are for status quo. disapproving polticians should over throw from power who so ever be.

    • Dear,
      Let’s make things clear!
      Industrialization in India started from West Bengal which was in clutches of the Left untill TMC knocked them out. Now if you say that media is always controlled by big industrial houses…….i agree to some extent but not completely……have you noticed media’s approach during Ramdev’s protest… started changing the very second day and in case of Anna they supported the movement 24 X 7.
      Hence it can not be taken for granted that media is totally under the control of Congress or BJP. The thing is that communists doesn’t have anything to offer to the people of India except division which they offered to USSR…………..So hope these red goons never came to power in any part of the country………..long live India….long live Democracy!!!

  7. Your general knowledge is very poor dear. Go and review that devision of USSR was due to tha capitalistic USA and not communists. And you said right ; red goons because they stop you saffron goons from acting so they are goons. What democracy You are talking about that which you people showed in Gujarat riots or that in malegaon by planting bombs. If i am not wrong you are talking about democracy of coffins which you people ate in name of our brave soldier. And who are your democrats you are talking about I think Hindu terrorists or RSS goons who show there bravery on week people.

  8. Anna used very good word to symbolised our rulling class Kalai Angraij. Donot demean 35 yrs long rule of left in WB. I think they were on leave would retrun with thumbing majority. People of WB did not expcept more trom TMC. its supremo Mamata not utter single word in name of corruption or Anna while Left were candid on the point already raising the matter on different forum. Left is not confine to WB. it is three time winner in Tripura and good number in Kerala. It has about 23-25 seat in Tamilnadu. No doubt left is with working class which is backbone of indusrial growth. We canont ignore the role of left in progress and growth of country. Trade union poltics is as worst as that of BJP and Cong. Left hail to be good leader which are known for their character. WB is sold base of Agriculture in India. A farmers could produce good pulses and grain while they have skilled to process the food for the mankind. Industrial basis of WB is weak need to strengthen further but TMC need vote and power so enjoying. WB is known for commerical actiivity rather than industrialisation. Yes Gujarat is only state which was much industrialised post Modi era.

    Movement of Ramdev was crushed by UPA but its anger was become visible in Anna protest while Ramdev is good in Yoga and indgenious valuve should need be promote. Ramdev hailed to Rs 2500 crore business asset is depand upon the authority to carry on the business empire but one cannot charge him for being selfish and power hungry. Left never do divisive poltics. USSR fragmented due to its own liberal policies which our country is also following blindly. Why would capitalist power would like to keep USSR or India one.

  9. After the country wide agitation now the Govt. is trying to create hurdles by hitting under belt. Every body is cross fingured and keenly watching the standing committee’s proceedings, though thats a long journey ahead.

  10. preparing for IAS General Studies. I was looking for such type of material over the net to help me in my current affairs section. Thanks a ton !

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