Two day fast in support of Anna Hazare



Dalhousie. (Aug. 21st): By Johar J Singh

Local population of Dalhousie town and surrounding areas have rose to the call given by Anna Hazare

Fast in Dalhousie in support of Anna

in favour of the Jan Lokpal Bill. A group of locals have been sitting on a 48 hours fast, which started at 11am on 20th August, at the local Gandhi Chowk.

The Gaddi community of the town in particular, have been actively participating in the cause against corruption. Earlier too they had organised a march, which passed through all the main roads of the town and culminated at the SDM Office. They handed over a memorandum to the SDM, Dalhousie, addressed to the President of India, expressing their support for the Jan Lokpal Bill and the non violent protest against the rampant corruption in the country.

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  1. anna hazare is doing what the pepole of India should done from the time of independence i.e. say no to corruption. We the pepole are responsible for letting the currupt pepole grow. The act against corruption should be continuted till the world exist.

  2. Today, the SK University teachers and students took a rally in support of Anna Hazare and Jan Lokpal bill. The response to the rally was spontaneous and impressive. The large turnout of the student community in support of Anna is a clear indication that the youth of India are against corruption and have been waiting for a leader to fight against corruption. Ultimately they found a leader in Anna and the youth across the country is behind him.

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