British-era building pulled down in Himachal



Shimla (Aug 5): Himachal Pradesh government has pulled down a British-era building, done in typical British Tudor style, to build a bungalow for the top bureaucrat of the state, an official source confirmed today.

The state PWD last month grounded a half-timbered government building in the posh Brockhurst locality of the capital town here. It had been residence of many ministers and government functionaries. The last occupant of the building was Congress MP Viplove Thakur as a state Congress committee chief till 2007.

The new multi-storied building to be built on the piece of land would be the official residence of state chief secretary Rajwant Sandhu, an official said,, adding that wood removed from the structure is still of high quality. It is worth mentioning that a number of colonial buildings are still out of the preview of Archeological Survey of India, and therefore do not have heritage status, and these often become victim to fire, sometimes also celebrate.

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