Shimla MC gets more financial autonomy



Shimla (Aug 5): Himachal Pradesh Governor Urmila Singh today gave concent to Himachal Pradesh Municipal Corporation (Amendment) Bill 2011 enacted to impart more finical autonomy to Shimla municipality, which can now directly levy taxes instead of depending on the state government to take such decisions.

While talking to HimVani, additional director cum press secretary to Raj Bhavan CD Thakur said that the Governor granted her ascent to the bill on Thursday as it came for her approval after it got passed by the state Assembly during the last Budget session. The Bill revamped HP MC Act 1994 after amending, substituting, omitting
and inserting 20 clauses in the existing Act.

CPI(M) and Shimla Upnagriaya Jan Kalyan Samiti (SUJKS) were opposing the Bill and had been requested that Governor Urmila Singh to repeal the Bill. CPM leader Sanjay Chauhan alleged that new form of property tax on unit area basis was far away from the stark socio-economic realities of the area. “This form of the Bill will coerce every occupant to pay property tax irrespective of the fact whether the owner earns some rent on it or not,” he said.

“Large number of Class II, III and IV employees and other small householders who comprise 90 percent of the total construction, and have availed loans, would be forced to sell off their property in due course of time. And this is exactly what the big giant builders entering the market want,” he added

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