Urban Himachal has highest mobile density



Shimla (Aug 1): In Himachal Pradesh, every individual living in an urban area has four mobile numbers on an average, compared to to two connections in Delhi, which is highest in the country.

In rural areas too, Himachal leads the country with tele-density of 66 per cent; in Haryana and Punjab, it is above 50 per cent; in Maharashtra, including Mumbai, it is 44.76 per cent; and in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat it is above 40 per cent.

As per the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) the wireless tele-density in urban India’s 21 circles is 150 per cent. In Himachal Pradesh (where most of the population lives in rural areas), it is 430.5 per cent. The figure for Delhi is 209 per cent.

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  1. It shows that Mobile and land lines were confined to Urban area while rural Himachal Pradesh is still badly phone connectivity.

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