ID Bali seeks probe into transfer of land under Sec 118



Shimla (July 16): Former Congress leader and senior advocate ID Bali of Himachal Pradesh High court today sought probe into transfer of land in last ten years by he successive state governments under Section 118 of Himachal Pradesh Tenancy and Land Reforms Act-1972.

Addressing media persons here today, Bali said that Sec-118 bars transfer of land to non-agriculturists by way of sale, gift, exchange, lease, mortgage with possession or creation of a tenancy in favour of a persons who is not an agriculturists. He said that non-agriculturists can only purchase land by the permission of state government but successive state governments allowed unchecked permission, diluting the spirit of the act.

He said that private Universities coming up in the state were being given free hand to acquire land beyond their need while state-run universities have very limited land assets which should also be probed. He threatened to float a front to be enshrined as All Himachal People Conference if government fails to address his concern. He also accused state Congress leadership in the state of not raising the issue effectively and be part of the trend.

Bali said that the state government was passing legislations without seeing any merit and verifying the acumen of education institutions opening private unvierities in the state. He advocated to continue timber distribution rights of people, alleging that restrication would badly impact the growth of forest wealth in future.

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