Rock Rules!!


By: Eesha Duggal

It was about 2 years ago when The Mall Road in Himachal’s capital Shimla, used to be clouded with guys wearing tee-shirts with their favorite wrestler’s’ image on. Needless to mention we all love to love our favorites and look like them, propagate and follow them. I think wrestling became quite popular that time. But hey! Whats on now is the ROCK FEVER! Yo!

One can see  so many youngsters in their favorite music bands’ tee-shirts while ambling down The Mall Road.  Its a new fashion in town. From old bands like Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Nirvana, Rammstein, Guns n’ Roses to new era bands Linkin park, Tokio Hotel, System of a Down, Arch Enemy, Puddle of Mudd and Evanescence guys are exhibiting the rock music with long hair, pierced lips and brows and off course shadow dark tee-shirts.From guitar to skulls,tee-shirts have it all. Black in color (u can wear it for days without complaining “its dirty”),  trendy, loose, comfortable! what more you can ask for?? And Rock has even surpassed the popularity of rap and hip hop in the city.

One can easily make out the increasing craze for Rock music amongst the people from the number of showrooms displaying a huge stock of these tee-shirts, neck pieces, bracelets, stickers, posters, coffee mugs etc. The tee-shirts range from 300 to 350 bucks and can be displayed at many shops on The Mall Road. And yeah! Who can’t spot the guys with their headphones thundering their ears, singing their favorite song??  The latest rend cathing up with the young blood to learn play guitar, drums and keyboards. So many young guys and girls can be seen trekking up paths of Shimla with their guitars hanging on their shoulders. And if you are strolling down the gardens of Vice Regal Lodge you might even chnace upon upcoming rock stars of the town practising under the famous Chinar tree behind the historical building.

Pretty cool, hmm!! On Saturdays specially, full army of rockers is out, taking their favorite bands along, paying tributes to their Rock Gods! And I think that is what makes each music freak look at each other and find some connection.”Hey! I like Kurt Cobain too”, you can hear people whispering.

The number of rock fans city sees at this point of time can’t even be seen in some big cities. I m sure if this number keeps rising, we may envision head banging concerts in Shimla. Really! Music Rules! Be it any genre or language. Rock on!

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  1. The beauty of rock is that it has an eternal appeal. People who are in their teens seem to think they've discovered rock, but, in reality, it's practically as old as the hills!

    I find it interesting that people of my parents' generation swear by the blues-based rock of the 60s: the Stones, Cream & The Who. My generation (we were teenagers in the late 80s) worshipped at the altar of punk & heavy metal: The Sex Pistols, The Clash, Ramones, Patti Smith, and later, Judas Priest, Metallica, Deep Purple &Iron Maiden.

    Today, I find my nephews & nieces go bonkers over all the groups I've named and also on alternative & indie rock.

    There's much to be said about the charms of rock!

    A note to the eds of this site: could you please check SMS langauage & typos before publishing?

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