Shimla rocked on the tunes of Cyanide


By: Eesha Duggal

I could for long feel thunder in my ears after a rock concert that was held in Shimla last Sunday night. Under Pubrock fest, Delhi based alternative rock band Cyanide performed at Ritz Complex on The Ridge. The concert started after 9 p.m. but practice was going on before that also.

Music was in the air, and so was smoke and smell of beer. Cyanide kick started the gig with their track ‘My Bitch’. The band seemed to enjoy as much as audience did. The moshing crowd banged heads with every beat of the drum n guitar strum. But where audience screamed their vocal chords out with the band was the number ‘Jeremy’ by The band ‘Pearl Jam’, probably because all of us knew that song. And I must say, they sounded awesomely great. These dudes totally took over the conscious of the Shimla rock fans. But the audience proved that they are no less than crowd any where else in India. Ritz Complex appeared to have become a rock bedlam. The hall was jam packed and all I could see around were people cheering and banging heads really hard. Most of the fans were the sum of black tee-shirts with their favorite band on it+ long hair+ shredded jeans.

The band vocalist and rhythm guitaristust say one thing, May these gigs keep happening in Shimla n we find another reason to come out in the night n then go Rohan Solomon expressed while performing that they will be back next year for sure. Well, all the die hard rock fans out there can j home walking, our eardrums still struggling to terminate vibrations.

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