Keeping CBI out of RTI Act would undermine transparency


By: Lawan Thakur

Mandi (June 22): Corruption is a matter that concerns all and also affects each and every individual and to eradicate corruption, all efforts have to be made to make the system transparent and accountable. This transparency and accountability will come only if the things (decisions and acts being done by the government and various constitutional bodies and public authorities) are brought in open in the public domain.

Well, at a time when there is a great upheaval on the issue of corruption in the whole nation, the decision taken by the central government to keep CBI out of the purview of the RTI Act is wrong, unethical and unfortunate. It is uncalled for. It is an attempt to weaken the RTI Act, 2005.

This measure can only be condemned as an attempt of weakening the RTI Act, 2005, which has proven to be a great powerful tool to weed out corruption, favoritism and check all other evils of bad governance, which has become a routine otherwise.

Now, if the police are kept out of RTI Act, then what are we going to do with the information that we seek if no action is taken against the wrong doers. It is well known how powerful and mighty is always capable of influencing the police. It was only due to this RTI Act that the CBI was somehow being forced to do things independently and timely. I am afraid now again CBI will lose its independence and the corrupt and wrongdoers will grow and of course the CBI will gain the power of lingering the cases and put things in abeyance.

(The writer is president of the RTI Bureau, Mandi)

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  1. I agree with Mr. Lawan  that powerful and mighty is always capable of influencing the police,like Mr. Lawan himself had helped and favored the most corrupt Ex-PWD employee, Mr. Jaidev Sharma, who happened to be pradhan for five years(terminated for two years in between) in GP DHAR,by helping him in framing fake case against the poor ex. PWD employee,Kalidass,who retired from Joginder Nagar(PWD Circle).
    Jaidev Sharmas son in law Mr. Gopal Sharma who is in police department had been playing key role in saving Jaidevs two sons Mr. Vinod and Pawan who are goondas in CHAKKA area near basahi,20 kms away from joginder nagar.Even Joginder Nagar police chowki  incharge Mr. Subhash Katoch has joined hands with Jaidev Sharma  in lot many cases,where his both sons are involved.
    Only GOD can save people from  these goondas, either in uniform or out of it.

  2. well i m totally agree with the fact that keeping cbi away from the RTI will lead to increase in the corruption rate..that is just another way to propagate the power of CBI which is not good for both judiciary and for common man.

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