What about Roti-Pani of the common man in Himachal


Ramika Thakur
Shimla: The BJP observed a countrywide bandh on May 2 in protest against the failure of UPA Government in controlling prices, which had a widespareda impact in Himachal too. It is well known to all of us that price rise in the country is at its peak and everybody is sweating due to this. The BJP has forgotten that it is their government in the state and the people of the state are striving for the most essential commodity for living-Water.

In Shimla there is acute scarcity of water and all the governments including the BJP government in the state have done nothing to overcome the water problem in the capital. It is easy to point at others failures but to introspect on self.

The government of the state needs to do something concrete to ensure the proper water supply to the people of Shimla.

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