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First-time MLA from Ghumarwin, Rajesh Dharmani talks about his dreams and vision for a better Himachal

Questions regarding the social life of human beings and the inequalities that exist in our society have troubled me since my schooldays. As a result, at a fairly young age I had decided to serve the society in whatever way possible. But, by the time I joined an engineering college (Now NIT Hamirpur) I was sure that the best way to serve people and have the desired positive impact in society was through electoral politics.

Even during my college days it was generally said that the poor state of Indian politics was because not many deserving people come forward to soil their hands with what is described as ‘dirty politics’. I took this statement as a challenge and since then have been tirelessly working hard to prove it wrong. My victory in the recently held Vidhan Sabha elections is proof that more than political maneuvering, it’s the service to the society that you have rendered that finally counts. In my case it was help to my friends, to ever person in my villager, to my constituency or whosoever came for help from me.

But I feel when someone comes for help and you offer him help, it is a reactive way of helping. Over a period of time I have realized that help should be proactive and sweeping, which should not just change the life of one or two persons, but bring about a positive change in a generation, brings about a change for better in the society as a whole and a change which helps in building up a socio-economic eco-system that ‘enable’ people or empower them.

These sweeping changes or reforms have to be coupled by small changes at grassroots level as well. My endeavour has been to work at both levels. At grassroots level we are working through a non-profit organisation Samvedna. One of the projects we undertook was to give financial help and know-how to villagers on how to build toilets. This helped in bringing a lifestyle change in many a rural household in my constituency and brought about sweeping awareness about hygiene.

My electoral position enables me to bring about or be a catalyst in bringing about large-scale social changes. Keeping this in view, in the current session I presented a paper on the plight of widows in our state. These widows need help as they have been victims of archaic social customs which do not allow them freedom and rights in a way other women in our country have. I feel women form the basis of any healthy society as they form 50% of the total population. We cannot afford to neglect issues faced by them. There are still many issues regarding women in our country where we need reforms. One of them I recently raised in the assembly was the plight of widows and how we, as elected MLAs, address these.

Coming back to my dreams, which over a period of past 15 years have become the guiding force of my Vision and Mission, I was elected to the Himachal Assembly this year for the first time. This is the first step towards realizing my dreams, vision and mission to see a happy, healthy and prosperous state and country.

Note: This space will frequently bring a people’s representatives from Himachal face to face with readers to explain their dreams and aspirations. If you have any questions for the MLA, kindly post it here to have direct answers.

We need proactive effort for a better society

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  1. Unlike some recent posts, this one has freshness.

    Keep it up.

    Keep the series going

  2. Yes thats it what we can expect from him (Rajesh Dharmani), I know his penchant from the days when we were in the ghumarwin school. Keep it man keep it, don't believe in promise, just do it, thats the spirit of young generation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. There are 14 MLAs who have supported the Charter of Demand (as candidate) prepared by Ekal naree Shakti Sangathan during the elections. It was only Mr Dharmani who spoke in favour of this Charter after getting elected. The Ekal NareeShakti Sangathan feels proud of him.

  4. You need to grow State oriented & thus pool in some more like minded revolutionaries; who have broad mind & outlook to life.I pray for your success & may have the provisions for all the visions. You may face opposition since some expert-critics must find some way to tell– why you can not do so. Since its easy to pick-on & be spotted.

  5. Rajesh Dharmani is a whiff of fresh air in Politics. We need such forthright and persevering leaders who can become the rallying points for position social and economic change

  6. Well.. it has come to me as a surprise that an MLA of our constituency has come up this way to get his words across. and it is indeed a need of hour to reach masses whatsoever way. I'm quite hopeful that like minded people who actually want to soil their hands will insist upon supporting the right causes given the intentions are right and pure.

    One among them should be the betterment of child where the role of parents is primary. I would love to know more about "Samvedna"…

  7. I know Rajesh Dharmani from my college days at REC ( now NIT Hamirpur) he is dynamic, honest and truthful guy. He always stoodby with the right cause despite of the fact how many persons are supporting him and always prooved to be right at the end. As my friend Nav Qirti mentioned the need of the hour is that we need honest and self belief guys in our poilitics I am pretty sure Rajesh Dharmani will go a long way in his career. For me he is already late in the public as MLA as he must have been a MLA 5 years back but as they say it is never late for good things to happen. I sincerely beleive in his capabilities. May God bless him.

  8. Today's politics has been centred around the Vote Bank. Politicians these days can sell their country, if they could, for votes.

    We hardly find few thousands of HONEST, HARD WORKING persons to sit in our State/Central legislative seats. Those who start with Zeal and Enthusiasm, Like Mr. Rajesh, get trapped in dirty POLITIKING, because their Senior Old Dirty Politicians want him to change and would make him work for votes for parties.

    I wish Mr. Rajesh, a very good luck and success in his drive.

    With warm regards – SSJ

  9. Rajesh Ji is very helping, on 8th october my brother expired and i was surprised to see Rajesh Dharmani at my house in Village Amarpur and helped our family in all the way.

    I wish i will work for him in next election and he will definetly elected in the next elections

  10. i feel that Mr. Dharmani is one of the best leader an he has the capability to lead the nation.i can only give him 2 things ,one is my vote and second is good wishes for his future .

  11. Rajesh ji you have started your journey as politician,we are very optimistic that you will help Himachal to attain new hight of success in all area.

    In the era of globalisation and competition only knowledable and dynamic person like you can take the nation forward.

    All the best for your future endevour.

    Wtht warm regards


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