Ghoral kid saved by the residents of Harvani village



Sundernagar: Ghoral kid, which was saved by the residents of Harvani village of  Panchyat Mahadev Sundernagar of district Mandi from dogs was today set free by a team of forest officials in the forests of Nature Awareness Centre.

Yesterday evening at 5.30 pm children of village Harvani playing near their houses saw kid of Ghoral being chased by dogs. They immediately rescued it from and kept it in their house. As the animal was injured by the dogs, some of them gave first aid to the animal. As the news spread in the area large number of local residents thronged to feed the animal some milk, grass and water.

The villagers informed the forest officials in Sundernagar and the animal was later on handed over to the team of forest staff. According to DFO Sundernagr B.K Babu the animal was about 3 and half month and after being given first aid, it has been set free in the forest area of Nature Awareness Center near Sundernagar town.


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  1. The news is quite heartening , especially in comparison to the depressing and distressing news of poaching by unscrupulous elements that we come across every other day. Well done boys. Saving a life is always better than taking one !

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