Citizen forum seeks repealing of MC (Amendment) Act



Shimla (May 31): The Shimla Citizen Sabha, spearheading the protest against the imposition of property tax and lack of civic amenities in merged areas of Shimla Municipal Corporation, has demanded repeal of MC (Amendment) Act and exclusion of merged areas from the jurisdiction of SMC.

In a memorandum addressed to the Governor, the Sabha alleged that the government was usurping the powers vested in people through 73rd and 74th constitutional amendments and acting in an arbitrary matter on issues directly affecting the people.

Opposing the amendment to MC Act, that provided for imposition of property tax on all the houses including the houses constructed in Tutu, Kusumpti and Dhalli suburbs and merged area in SMC in 2006, the Sabha said that it was “improper and unjust” to arbitrarily impose house tax and other levies in merged areas without providing any basic civic amenities.

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