Himachal to offer discount cards to tourists


Shimla: To increase tourist flow in the state, the Himachal Pradesh tourism department has introduced a privilege card scheme under which 20% discount will be provided to card holders for a period of three years on boarding lodging and soft drinks.
Disclosing this, Managing Director of HPTDC Ram Subhag Singh said the government is targeting to attract 94 lakh tourists to the state this year, which is 50% more than the 60 lakh population of the state. The target is to attract 90 lakhs Indian and 4 lakh foreign tourists during the current year, while last year 85 lakhs Indian and 3.40 lakhs foreign tourist had visited the state.
Singh said HPTDC has also introduced air-conditioned Volvo buses on Delhi -Shimla –Manali and Dharamshala routes. He said that an ambitious plan has been formulated to increase tourist flow in the state under which heritage tourist hotel have been renovated to attract foreign and high spending tourists. New hotels have also been opened in tribal areas. Special efforts have been made to attract tourists to places like Khadapathar, Chindi, Nagger, Shahtalai and tribal areas of Keylong, Kaza and Kalpa. The village tourism concept has also been strengthened by enlisting existing private properties for tourism promotions and corporation will make reservation of all such premises through its official website.

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  1. Will this discount be available on Others State Transportation buses other than Himachal Transport buses, air-conditioned Volvo buses. Because most of the middle class people prefer to commute through Ordinary buses rather than Volvo or other air-conditioned buses,

  2. Interesting …. where do you get this discount card? How does it work for tourists? where can I get more information on this scheme?

  3. The Privilege Card scheme is already available with HPTDC. One has to pay an enrollment fee of 2000/-. One needs to give 2 stamp size pics along with the form and a card is issued bearing your name and a pic. By showing this card one is entitled for the benefits mentioned above. The enrollment form can be collected from HPTDC hotels all around the state.

    HPTDC also offers 10% extra discount to Senior Citizens on accommodation. One just needs to show age proof at the time of check-in or while making reservations. Earlier this discount was 20% but later changed to 10%. Probably, honoring Seniors does'nt comes in scheme of HPTDC. During the tenure of Tarun Sridhar as MD, the 20% discount created a lot of goodwill for HPTDC as it was the only establishment in hospitality industry honoring senior members of the society.

    I am skeptical about the figure of 94 lac tourists target this year. Where is the infrastructure to handle all these numbers. Imagine even half of these were to stop to take a leak midway while traveling it would create havoc! There are practically no public services around the state. The "Sahib" in the ministry should ponder over this issue.

  4. Dear All,


    Still we are sleeping after having a lot of displacement & adverse impact on nature due to those Macro Hydro Projects by which we are distroying the major motivator of tourist for state please don;t say we had attracted this number of tourist from so & so segment of mkt share. Please if there are people who know the tourism sacnario & tecnicality then as we know Himachal is well known over seas as well as with in our own country due to historical reason ( if need can discuss, so pls don;t say we r doing thats why number is incresing, its weakend destination from surrounding area which comprise the large chunk of your numbering. and how many Heritage hotels u had developed & how many hotels in trible area & rural tourism a big allocation was there is there any positive impact after haveing that much big funding from centre……..the responsible people are not able to maintain professionaly the state owned tourism properity by doing the simple thing to provide the hospitality what is traing to them, sorry to be this much have any one trying to find out where is our MTA going on since 1992 and what they r doing.. sorry but they don;t need your grace, but they may feel honoured is state will ask them to contribute, as they are doing something exceptionaly in the Industry in all walk of Tourism Industry…For example was in 17-22 April'08 on Uttrakhand tecnical vist and after that we had lunch & brifing about the tour and The honourable Tourism Minister Assured me Ki Mr.Thakur will make the point advised by you our policy matter, what was that can;t we feel that time that we can contribute for our home state even its the part of our country but the core is the small unit, so pls don;t feel honoured & blessed with the data & flood of weakend tourist who is bound to flow towards you due to climatic reason, pls try to make some real step and come out of day dreaming as its high time otherwise it will take more time & resourse to pace with the time………………..continue

  5. MTAs – I know for sure been putting pressure on the govt for a sarkari naukri

    How many MTAs have worked in the rural and tribal areas on there own? How many of these have become entrepreneurs? Walk into any travel agency in Delhi and you find them sweating it out on the counters or working as tour escorts. After seeking no chance of a govt job in the state they take the first bus to Delhi.

    All this is nonsense about being honored if asked to contribute. What stops them to take an initiative on there own!!

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