Singhi Ram, Rahi arrested


Shimla: In a sudden development, former Congress Minister Singhi Ram and former Chairman of Himachal Pradesh School Education Board BRRahi were arrested by the state Vigilance and anti-corruption bureau. They were earlier booked in a forgery case following allegations that Singhi Ram had procured a fake marksheet for his daughter to make her get admission in a Delhi college.
The Police today filed an application in the Session Court for cancellation of interim bail of Singhi Ram, his daughter Upma Kashyap and BR Rahi, which was accepted. Later, police took Singhi Ram and Rahi into custody.
Singhi Ram is reported to have said that he would come clean in the case. Rahi, on the other hand alleged that he had been falsely implicated.
As per police, Upma had failed in the class XII examination of CBSE board from Lawrence School, Sanawar, in 2005, but Singhi Ram had succeeded to procure a fake marksheet for her from HP board.
A retired Deputy Secretary of the education board Surinder Malhotra has also been arrested in the case and is in police remand up till Tuesday.

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  1. People like Singhi Ram,Rahi Etc should treated strictly.Mr.Singhi Ram misused people's power during his long tenure now he has to face the justice.Mr Rahi duing his tenure acted as a spokes person of previous government so these people deserve what they are facing today.

  2. How a middle class lower segment government servant accumulates assets worth crores is seen a normal practice in politics now even in Himachal Pradesh. How many people in Himachal can afford to enrol their wards in expensive boarding schools like Sanawar ? Kings are exceptions in that case as the exploitative ancestors had accumulated enough for them. Richness should always be respected if built with enterprise and honesty.

    Story does not end up with politicians only. Even beurocrates within the pay scale range of 8000-30000 manage to accumulate enough assets. No justification for private enterprise please, as it is strictly banned while in government service. The differences are only due to corrupt practices, i.e. cash, kind, deflated pricing due to power nuisance etc. etc.

    Poor people! Discuss it all daily but unable to get out of this official web. To flush out these people from the system requires more energy level than it was required for wiping the British Empire. Please do not miss the opportunity to call a spade- a spade and socially boycott them. Remember! This is the starting point of our new revolution.

  3. Surider Malhotra is a very honest and respected civil servant. The bosses are trying to wriggle away….who benefited from this scandal. He has a track record of honesty in his entire career. Politicians will do whatever but the Justice in this land will prevail.Honest people should not be so treated. This is very sad.

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