Company cannot absolve itself of responsibility: HP Govt.



Shimla: Condemning JP Co. for creating wrong impression in the mind of people after releasing an advertisement in section of media about possible threat of flood in Bespa and Satluj Rivers, Himachal Pradesh Government today sought fresh statement over the matter, terming that it cannot absolve itself of responsibility in such matters.

Principal Secretary, MPP and Power Deepak Shanan said in a press release issued here today that it has come to the notice of the state government that M/s JP Karcham Hydro Corporation have been releasing advertisements stating therein that between May and October, 2011, the water level between their Karcham Dam and Wangtu can increase suddenly at any time. The Company has warned inhabitants on either of the banks to be careful and gone on to state that the company will not be responsible for any accident that may occur as a result of any negligence of flooding.

Deepak Shanan said that while the company must issue a statutory warning for inhabitants to take care, it cannot absolve itself of responsibility in such matters. The Company has been informed accordingly and will correct the erroneous impressions conveyed by these advertisements, he added.

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