A case for encouraging small conributions to Himachal CM’s relief fund.


Rohit. M. Sharma

Shimla: The Hon’ble C.M. Sahib has been asking for people to donate to the CM’s relief fund generously.

He even became emotional when the state had to raise bus fares as Himachal has a debt of Rs.3500 crore and pays Rs.2000 crore as interest every year.

Ever, since the relief fund has been ringing with cash. Initial contributions from various wings of the CM’s own party and the rupees one crore amount- biggest ever- contributed by Ambuja Cement have been good starters.

Feeling, I too must make a contribution, I decided to contribute Rs.100 and then a small amount every day for the next three months. I found out that the way to do this was to send a cheque or go to the Secretariat.

Suffice it to say that I spent two and a half hours in the Secretariat but could not donate Rs.100.

First I was made to wait for the concerned authority. And then one brilliant babu asked me to write an application for the purpose and when I said I wanted to give money and not take it, he seemed genuinely puzzled.

Contributing a small amount such this seemed almost impossible even after I walked up to the Secretariat. What if someone wants to give Rs.10, in say Bilaspur or Mandi or Kotkhai or Rohroo or even Rampur, how will he?

Knowing that nothing is impossible, I am going to go back and make sure that the machinery in operation takes Rs.100 from me and that I don’t spend another two and a half hours doing so because everyone’s time is precious.

If in future the government wishes to put up drop boxes in the government offices across the state to encourage small contributions, I would be delighted.

Ours is a lovely state and I want to make my small contribution to the state I love and in that way also to the country as a whole. Because when we are debt free we depend on no one and independent people are more courageous, friendlier, warmer and spread happiness and goodwill all around.

(With love, to all those who want to contribute anything from Re.1 upwards each day for next three months.)

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