Shimla dog squad welcomes seven pups



Shimla: Seven pups including four males and three females have recently joined fourteen trained pets of Shimla CID Dog Squad Wing. Seven dogs have been replaced by these pups after completing seventeen years of successful service.

While talking to Himvani, ASI & In-charge of Shimla Dog Squad Joginder Singh said that recently they have purchased four months old seven new pups of German-Shepard and Labrador strain who would soon join training in sniffer dog unit of this hill state. He said that all pups were purchased from registered kennel, which have been medically examined and properly vaccinated by the veterinarian. These pups would be adopted for training phase that is likely to begin within two months of their adaptation period.

Meanwhile, outgoing batch of seven dogs who got retired after completing seventeen years of service have been auctioned on open market, as they had great demand among the pet lovers. He said that unit feeds the dogs special dog feed to keep them hale and fit for job. Being only such type of sniffer dog unit of CID in the state, its services are being rendered through out the state in case of crime. The unit has been hiring the services of dog trainers who would soon be deputed to hone the skills of new pups.

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