NPL: Titans on the losing end of an evenly contested match


Hamirpur: The NPL football tournament being played at the National Institute of technology, Hamirpur (Himachal Pradesh) continues to bring more excitement and action, both on-field and off-field. While players have been thrilling spectators with their amazing skills, each team by now has developed a fan-following leading to an electrifying atmosphere while the ball in on the roll. In today’s match, Raging Hornets snatched another victory, this time against Titans, and again with a 1-0 margin.
The Hornets benefited from a goalmouth confusion, which ended with the ball lying inside the Titans’ goalpost. It all started with the

Titans’ goalkeeper Harendra fumbling a kick by the Hornets’ captain Maneesh Chauhan towards the end of the first half. The Hornets strikers capitalized on that chance and Navdeep Naryal tapped the ball into the goal to become the leading scorer of the league so far with two goals to his credit. The Titans appealed hard for a foul decision but the referee called it a valid goal after consulting the linesman.
The second half saw a determined Titans team fighting hard for the equalizer. They created many chances in the second half but couldn’t convert them into a goal. With this win, Hornets have 12 points from 4 matches and it puts them in tied first position along with Harriers, who also have 12 points from 3 matches.
The loss meant that Titans lie in fourth position in the league standings with two points from three matches. They will meet the fifth placed team Maniacs on Sunday.

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