Students suffer as departmental coordination scores zero in Himachal Pradesh University



Shimla: A student from Himachal Pradesh University wrote to us about complexities involved in getting the simplest of works done in the campus due to lack to inter-departmental coordination. Here is what he had to say. (The student has requested annonimity for himself and his department).

“I won’t lose it to their complexity,” I gave myself the last hope as I saw my day-long efforts going down the drain just because the officer on the other side of the table suddenly realised that it was not his job to generate a duplicate fee receipt for me. It was the last step in the tedious process that I had followed to get a duplicate copy of my fee receipt that lay ready on his table, when he began flaunting his arrogance.

But before you know how the ordeal for me ended, I would like to warn you against losing any of your essential official documents, because retrieving a duplicate copy of that from the administrative department of Himachal Pradesh University is a Herculean task. Don’t’ believe it have a peek into the process.

I lost my admission fee receipt along with the form and retrieving it was important else my name could be struck off.

My department (not to be named) showed me full cooperation and guided me. It all seemed very simple till implemented.

I was sent to the Compilation Branch that maintains such records. Next step was to write an application to the Section Officer Compilation Branch, requesting him to issue the ‘duplicate receipt number’. Looking at the application the Section Officer threw it back asking for ‘verification from the concerned authority”-Chairman of my department.

Now this step too is done! When I go back to the Compilation Branch with the application, I am told that this application was not required at all and that I was “misled”. “But what were you doing when I had come with the application to you earlier”, I felt like retorting but feared inviting fresh trouble.

Soon the office clerks came to my rescue, instructing me to write another application, this time to the Chairman requesting him to ask the Compilation Branch to grant me the receipt number.

I was still in doubt, but there was no other way so I went ahead with the same process of filing an application, getting it verified, signed and stamped.

This time the work seemed done, as acting on the direction of my department, clerk in the Compilation Branch found out my receipt number and was about to hand it over to me. When suddenly the Section Officer screamed with arrogance at him, “We are not supposed to issue this receipt number, this is not our responsibility. It is the job of the students’ department.”

This was the time, I thought, to beg mercy. “Sir please cooperate with me I have completed all the required formalities for getting a duplicate copy of my fee receipt. Let us respect each others time and not make things more complicated”. And to my surprise he agreed.

Coming to the end of the ordeal I was in for another surprise. The Officre wrote a note on my application directing the Chairman to ensure that such incidents do not happen again and no student is sent to them in future for such work.

And I got the answer for the big question- Why there is lack of co-ordination between various departments?

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  1. no wonders about that….

    the dept. is in a bad state….

    when Mr.Wilson came here i thot things will change somehow….

    maybe he is trying his best, after all its not all his work….but then, I don't see ,much improvisation yet…the websites remain without updates, the dept remains unorganized and the datesheets have been made in a dreamystate….

  2. Wilson formula of internal assessment in colleges have now engaged teachers more in attendance record keeping, to hell with the energy required in preparation and delivery of quality lectures. This is a "babunization" of teachers, a similar trend in public sector where engineers are more entangled in file work rather than any innovative progress in designs which is left solely to the lower end workers.

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