First-ever art appreciation course on Kangra Miniatures at Dharamsala



Dharamsala (Apr 30): Kangra Arts Promotion Society and Voice of Himachal, both NGOs working in Himachal Pradesh, will be conducting a first-of-its-kind ‘Arts Appreciation Course’ focusing on ‘Kangra School of Miniature Paintings’ from June 24 to 26 at the Jagori campus in Sidhbari, 6 km from Dharamsala town.

The three-day certificate course aims at introducing participants to Kangra miniatures and take them through the evolution of this magnificent art-form. Participants will have an opportunity to meet and interact with renowned Kangra master artist Vijay Sharma during the course period. Vijay Sharma is a distinguished art critic and has written the first-ever Hindi book tracing the history, expansion and other aspects of Kangra paintings, titled ‘Kangra Ki Chitrankan Parampara’. He received National Award for his work in 1990.

Master artists Dhani Ram and Mukesh Kumar will conduct the workshop and take participants through the intricacies of Kangra paintings. Dhani Ram trains students at the Chitera School of Art, conducting classes at the Kangra Art Museum, while Mukesh Kumar conducts his advanced classes at the Chamunda Devi temple. Besides, Dr Gautam Vyathit, an authority on folk arts and culture, and BK Agarwal, president of KAPS, and currently Principal Resident Commissioner of Himachal Pradesh in Delhi, will also share their experiences and thoughts on miniature art forms.

The course will cover history of Kangra miniature paintings; famous works of master Kangra artists; basic themes of Kangra paintings, fundamentals of Kangra art-colour mixing, brushes; how to make the basic lines, etc; hey elements that differentiate Kangra art from other art-special paper, colours, thematic styles, etc; making Kangra miniature paintings and exhibition of Kangra paintings for the duration of the course.

The course is being organised in a beautifully located campus, 6 kms from Dharamsala town. The campus offers all modern amenities to the participants including a training hall, cottages and a well equipped dinning hall. The course will be structured in a manner that participants will get ample opportunity to learn the art as well as visit places of interest in and around Dharamsala. Spread over 3 days, the course will come as a welcome respite to people looking forward to an escape from the heat during this great Indian summer.

Fee for the course is Rs 4500/- (Non residential) and Rs 5500/- (Residential), which is not inclusive of transport arrangements.

To register for the course send an email at with your name, address, and contact numbers. For further details check

Kangra Arts Promotion Society (KAPS) is an NGO working for the promotion of arts of the greater Kangra region, which comprises the current district of Kangra and surrounding areas.

Voice OF Himachal is a national-level NGO operating in Himachal in diverse fields, including preservation, promotion of indigenous car and culture, sustainable development and entrepreneur promotion.

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