Liquor to be cheaper in Himachal; Bus fares go up


Dharamsala: Announcing the new liquor policy for 2008-2009, the Himachal Pradesh government today reduced the license fee on indian made foreign liquor from Rs 160 to Rs 125 and on country liquor from Rs 130 to Rs 95 per proof litre. This would result in decrease of approximately Rs 23 and Rs 15 in per bottle price IMFL and Cl respectively.
The cabinet also approved 25% hike in bus fares, which was earlier announced.
According to the new policy, the existing retail licensees who agree to the new terms and conditions will be given an option to apply for renewal. The cabinet also decided to reduce the rate of VAT from 20% to 12.5%.
Despite addressing the safety concerns of consuming public and also the problem of licensees, the state will register an overall increase of 10-12% in the excise revenue,
The new policy will allow government to generate around Rs 42 crore extra income this year.

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  1. Increase in Bus Fares is justified, but making liquor more cheaper, means make it available far more easily and economically.

    Infact Liquor, Tobbaco, Cigarrattes, Gutka, should be taxed so heavily that people should reduce it's usage, which will make more money available for the family and children.

    I donot know if I am wrong. – SS Jaryal

  2. Bus fares going up after a span of 5 years is well justified. My only worries is HRTC is notorious for financial mis-management. Any increase in revenues should be used in strengthening the financial position and not dole out as a DA instalments for its employees!

  3. With petrol prices on the rise, bus fares are justified. But the key issue is maintenance of these buses. Most of these buses are in shambles.

    As far as reducing the liquor prices is concerned, I don't think it's going to increase consumption. People who have to drink will get it at any price. Cigarette prices are every year raised, but that hasn't reduced smoking. May be people go for cheaper cigarettes or may switch to beedi. But yes, it might help control hooch or country liquor that is sold by Gorkhas for Rs 10 a litre. This can put the life of a person at risk. At least if properly brewed liquor (controlled and quality checked by the government) is avilable at a cheaper price, people may not put their life at risk drinking Thirda (locally name in Jubbal – Kotkhai – Rohru for liquor brewed by Nepalis or other people).

  4. Vividh

    Talking about the brew prepared by the Nepalis I think this is quite safe. It is prepared from gur and shrubs of bichhu butti is added to it. The preparation is done entirely scientifically through the fermentation process and no extra additions are added to make it more potent. Gur being quite cheap, the MRP of this hooch is 10/- a bottle. Aangori from Kinnaur is is also prepared the same way.

    One can always say cheers to these local hooch :)))

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