Lobsang Sangay new PM of Tibetan govt-in-exile


By: ML Verma

Shimla (Apr 27): 43-yr-old Harvard scholar Lobsang Sangay was elected head of the Tibet government-in-exile today, leaving him with the difficult task of assuming the Dalai Lama’s political duties.

Sangay, an international law expert, easily beat two other candidates for the prime minister’s post, winning 55 per cent of the votes, Election Commissioner, Jamphel Choesang announced in the exiled government’s base in Dharamsala.

Tenzin Tethong, a former representative of the Dalai Lama in New York and Washington, got 37.4 pc while Tashi Wangdi, who has run half a dozen departments of the government-in-exile over the years, came third with 6.4 pc.

Born in a tea-growing area of northeast India, Sangay has never lived in or visited Tibet and his election marks a break with the past, which has seen older, religious figures dominate the politics of the exiled.

Tibetan spiritual Leader Dalai Lama had decided to relinquish his entire political powers vested in him on March 10, 2011, while the process of election for the new prime minister was already going in. Dalai Lama has made an announcement recently while leaving his current assignment to the new prime minister that he would lead the Tibetan for next course of action. Nearly 50,000 Tibetan voters took part in the elections.

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