CPIM opposes MC tax on merged areas in Shimla



Shimla (April 24): Shimla district committee of Communist Party of India (Marxist) has opposed the imposition of tax in merged areas and scraping of tax exemption for self-use areas measuring 100 sq. meters by Shimla Municipal Corporation.

“The state government and the MC have miserably failed to provide civic amenities to the people of Shimla, especially to merged areas. Most of the merged wards are lacking basic amenities like sewerage, streetlights, paths, ambulance roads, water supply, etc,” said Sanjay Chauhan, secretary, Shimla district committee of CPIM.

“The decision of the state government to scrap tax exemption in bonafide use by house owner measuring 100 sq. meters is anti-people. The MC should not impose tax in merged areas until basic amenities are provided. CPIM will launch an agitation by organising people,” he added.

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