School kids not to be forced to attend public functions: Dhumal


Shimla: Waking up to the problem of school children being unnecessarily forced to attend public rallies and functions by either teachers or higher officials in the education department, Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister today ordered that such practice should be put to an end immediately. It may be remembered that the Punjab government has recently come under fire from human rights bodies over making school children attend functions addressed by political leaders.
The Chief Minister directed the state Education Department to ensure that no school children were brought to his public meetings on school days, unless they were required for specific purposes, no public meeting organized in educational institutions on working days and no community lunch served in the school premises.
The CM said that it had often been observed that at times, the school children were forced to attend public meetings, wasting their study time and putting them to inconvenience. He said that henceforth the school children would be required to carry on with their studies on all school days and not stand on the roadside to welcome dignitaries visiting or passing through their areas. He said that such practice was hampering their studies and was not in their best interest.
He said that the government would be taking a serious note of the disobedience of the orders by teachers and strict action taken against them for defying the same.
Dhumal said that it had also been observed that during public meetings and on certain other occasions community lunches were being served in the educational institutions which totally spoil the academic environment of the respective institution. He said that the school authorities needed to ensure that the school premises were not used for such private functions. He said that at some places students were being forced to clean the mess created by such functions, which needed to be avoided.

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  1. Definately.If politics is polished out off the schools & some moral teachings are intoduced instead,our future generation will make efficient leaders.Politics- Poly-many & Ticks are blood suckers.Its rude but very fact of our world, all over the Globe.

    Its sad stateof affair that astudents parent spend hard earnd money to educate the child & politicians play their role at the cost of lives of the future of own country.

    I am reminded of an eloquent speaker, astudent was thus coined & allured by Political party.If he came to the plateform,the crowd will observe pindrop silence.No state minister could oppose him.But he suffered for some time to pick up a good carrier.His credentials were marred to be a commissioned Officer of Indian Army.A child's brain is very sensitive to pick up any thing & very strong to follow.If handled prperly ,it will effect the future of our country.

    I am surprised at the same time,if its also a party's decision to take up seriously.I wish & pray for our C.M.saheb all the success.

  2. I am sorry there was no time/way for me to check spelling mistakes.I request, The Editor, to please oblige me.

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