Bird flu rumours baseless



Shimla: A spokesperson of the Animal Husbandry Department, Himachal Pradesh, today said rumours regarding bird flu being confirmed in the state were baseless, and all poultry products in the state were safe for human consumption. He said no case of bird flu had been reported in the state till date, and added that the department was fully prepared to counter any eventuality in this regard.
He said rapid response teams had been constituted in every district of the state and they had been provided with all required equipment to counter the threat of bird flu. He said veterinary officers and veterinary pharmacists had been given special training on prevention and control of bird flu. As a precautionary measure, about 4,000 samples collected from various governments and private poultry farms were sent to High Security Disease Investigation Laboratory, Bhopal and they all were found negative for bird flu.

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  1. We need to strengthen surveillance to detect cases at early stage. Bengal delayed its esponse till the fire was blazing and engulfed over six districts. We need to learn from their lessons. The department alone cannot detect bord flu. The community needs to be educated and involved to get their cooperation and help.

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