Gammon V-P attacked near Kullu


By: Satyakam Bharti

Kullu: Once again hinting that not all is well with hydro-electric power projects being executed across Himachal Pradesh, construction company Gammon India’s vice-resident Giancarlo Villa was seriously injured by some unidentified men at Thalot in Kullu district on Sunday evening.
According to the victim’s driver, the masked assailants stopped them outside the tunnel at Thalot and dragged Villa out of the car and thrashed him. The Italian national was later rushed to Kullu hospital from where he was referred to Chandigarh. A case was registered against unidentified persons at Aut.
The district police said as of now it was not possible to say who the assailants were and what the motive behind the attack was.
However, sources said it could be the fallout of unrest within the company or the frustration among locals who are seemingly unhappy with the construction work going on in the area. It may be remembered that about three years back, an NHPC official too was beaten up by some unidentified persons in a similar manner.
Gammon is undertaking work at the Parbati project. There has already been lot of unrest at various power projects with locals opposing the projects tooth and nail as in the case of Wangtu project. Some projects like the Chamera Project have been marred by labour unrest. The attack on the foreign national will further add to the uncertainty veiling these power projects otherwise considered to be powering the state to prosperity.


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  1. It is a matter of grave concern that a state known for it's peaceful environment and feeling of co-existence, hospitality, an Italian Engineer, an expert on Hydro electric Dam has been hit and injured seriously.

    Those who have done this, cannot be true Himachalis, because this way they are damaging state's reputation, it may stop Economical Growth, Reduce Employment Opportunities, reduce taxes to state exchequer.

    How can we himachalis, get job opportunities?

    There are more decent ways of protest if there are genuine reasons of Unrest.

  2. People need grow and widen the horizons not only to understand the importance of development but play a proactive part in it. So much of hydropower potential lie untapped in himachal.As per research various research works, its more than Uttrakhand or for that matter any other state.But once you see thier growth in this sector its far ahead of Himachal.Be at any scaleof projects Micro, mini or Mega they are beating us well. And such incidents will make investors think twice before risking in their money… for growth of this state.

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