Himachal population pegged at 68,56,509, only 0.57 pc of India



Shimla (Apr 1): Himachal Pradesh has recorded a population of 68,56,509, including 34,73892 males and 33,82,617 female, which is only 0.57 percent of India’s total population, placing the state at number 21. It showed a growth of 12.81 percent, with improved literacy rate of 83.78 pc and gender ratio at 974/1000.

Addressing media persons, Director Census of Himachal Pradesh Balbir Tegta said that the state showed one of the best trends in social indicators in the country as its growth was much less than that of average 17 per cent national average with a growth rate of 12.81 pc and population density 123 per square kilometer against 109 of 2001 (up by 12.84pc).

Census-wise the state is placed on 21th position in terms of population, followed
by Tripura on 22nd place. The Census places Kangra district on top rank with a population of 1,507,223 (21.98 pc), Mandi 999,518 (14.58pc), Shimla 813,384 (11.86pc), Solan 576,670 (8.41pc), Sirmour 530,164 (7.73 pc) Una 521,057 (7.60pc), Chamba 518,844 (7.57pc), Hamirpur 454, 293 (6.63pc), Kullu 437,474 (6.38pc), Bilaspur 382,056 (5.57), Kinnaur 84,298 (1.23pc) and Lahaul Spiti 31,528 (0.46pc).

Lahaul Spiti recorded a decline in growth rate by minus 5.10 pc while showing the highest jump in sex ration of 114 pts as it was 802 in 2001 and now 916. Tegta attributed the decline of population in the tribal district to large number of migration.

Gender ratio of the state showed improvement as against 1000 male the number of female was 974 against 968 in 2001, while the sex ratio in 0 to 6 age group showed 10 pts increase but still is at an alarming level of 906 compared to 896 of 2001. The gender composition proportions was 50.77 male: 49.33 female against 50.81:49.19 of 2001.

The state population contained 11.14 pc of 0-6yrs age group with 763,664 children. The literacy rate has pegged up to 83.78 pc with 90.83 pc male and 76.60pc of female. Status of literacy shows increase by about four percent for males and female by nine percent.

The state had a literacy rate of 76.48 in 2001. Hamirpur continue to be the most
literate district with 89 pc literacy rate followed by Una 87.23 pc and Kangra 86.49 pc while Chamba and Lahaul Spiti are least literate in the state with LR of 62.14 pc and 66.50 pc respectively.

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