Two cold storage units to come up in Himachal



Shimla: Government of India has decided to set up two cold storage units in the apple growing regions of Himachal Pradesh, an official said here today.

Spokesperson said in a statement, two controlled atmosphere cold storages involving an outlay of Rs 10.038 crore would be set up near Kotgarh and in Gumma in Shimla district for export of horticulture products. He said that the funds have been sanctioned under Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority’s (APEDA) Infrastructure Development Scheme for export promotion. The cold stores would be set up in association with the state run Himachal Pradesh Horticulture Produce Marketing Committee (HPMC).

Cold store in Kotgarh store would be of 85 metric tonnes capacity, whereas the Gumma store would be of 80 metric tonnes capacity. APEDA has also tied up with the HPMC to revamp its packing houses. Amount of Rs 12 crore has already been given by APEDA for upgrading and equipping five packaging houses of the HPMC.

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  1. I have heard of these controlled atmosphere cold stores but i am not sure of their performance since these stores are very specialized and their management by government agencies is doubtful. there are very few stores which can store apples for long. i recently stored my apples in a ca store godwin foods near chandigarh and was very satisfied with the quality. they have automatic grading lines and charge 10 rupees per kg for a season of 7 months which is very reasonable compared to the quality. very good service i must say.

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