Himachal’s debt burden doubled in past 5 yrs: BJP



Shimla: One of the agendas on which the BJP is set to fight the present polls is financial instability of the state, where the party alleges that the state’s debt burden has more than doubled in the past five years.

The BJP says that in the past five years the debt has increased from Rs 11,393 crore to Rs. 23,000 crore. Party spokesperson Dr Ashok Kapahatia said in Shimla today that such grave is the financial situation of the state that of the Rs 800 crore loan, recently sanctioned by the World Bank to Himachal, the first instalment of Rs.400 crore would be spent on repayment of the debts only.

The BJP also attacked the Congress on the issue of low industrial investment in Himachal Pradesh. Comparing it the investments attracted by Himachal Pradesh after announcement of the industrial package, with Uttarakhandand Jammu and Kashmir he said, “Both states also got the package along with HP, but have overtaken us with the size of investment attracted by them. While J&K and Uttarakhand saw investment of Rs. 40,000 crore and Rs 1,22,000 crore, respectively, Himachal Pradesh is at the third number with Rs 22,000 crore only.”

Late development of the basic amenities in the industrial belt of Baddi-Barotiwala-Nalagarh has affected the productivity of the manufacturing industries. Though the BJP had little facts to support it but they said that the government’s move to set up Industrial Area Development Board was so late very late that till now nothing much has improved.

The BJP has also accused the state government of failing to cash the central packages and also follow up their execution. Kapahatia said that the Chief Minister and his Ministers never did their homework before going to Delhi for discussion over the central grants.

“Despite the Prime Minister announcing Rs4200 crore central packages for HP, the state government could get home only Rs 74 crore, of which Rs 26 crore were subsidies and Rs48 crore were under various central schemes”, he said.

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  1. Before pointing fingers at others BJP should look at its conduct as an opposition party. What ever bigger investments came into the state BJP was always opposing it. Take the case of Ski Village which the BJP has been opposing tooth and nail. Here is an investment which can make the state a front runner among tourisim in India and internationally. BJP for its narrow gains has been giving outrageous statements. Which investor in his right mind would invest in the state?

    BJP must first understand that an investor does'nt have to be Jullundhar based and a friend of CM designate to invest in the state.

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