HKS claims fruit growers being overcharged by govt



Shimla (March 23): The Shimla district committee of Himachal Kisan Sabha has alleges that the state government has been supplying fruit growers farm inputs at exorbitant rates through HPMC in lieu of payments due through the Market Intervention Scheme (MIS).

Sanjay Chauhan, general secretary, Himachal Kisan Sabha, in a statement issued here today stated that HPMC has been supplying Tree Spray Oil (TSO) of a Bombay-based firm to the growers at the rate of Rs 275 per litre whereas the oil being charged by public sector companies like Indian Oil, Hindustan Petroleum and other oil marketing companies is between Rs 90 to 97. “The items being supplied by different state-owned agencies is purchased by the high level purchase committee set up by the state government. This clearly reflects that three times difference between the prices of oil cannot be justified because the private firms procure oil from public sector refineries and are just marketing under different brand names. Same is the case of other items being supplied by the state owned agencies and departments. There is much difference between the prices of farm inputs being supplied by the state agencies and the open market,” he claimed.
Himachal Kisan Sabha has demanded that the distribution of this brand be stopped immediately and an independent inquiry be set up into the purchase and supply of Tree Spray oil. “Furthermore, the growers must be paid payments under the market intervention scheme in cash so that they could make arrangements for themselves accordingly,” he said.

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  1. TSO  is not available in HPMC unit at Jarol-Tikkar for the last 10 days and the spraying season is almost over.There is no alternative with the farmers except to purchase  the spray oil from open market. This is the true state of affairs of the management of HPMC.

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