Government to probe into supply of spurious manure to farmers



Shimla: While responding to a query of Khushi Ram Balnatah (BJP-Rohru) during the question hour yesterday, Chief Minister P.K Dhumal assured that government will lodge probe into supply of spurious manure and complaints of forcible sale of Sujala fertilizers to farmers in the state.

He said that government agency HIMFED has sold 57000 kilogram of Sujala fertilizers, which were being purchased from National Chemical Fertilizers Limited. He also said that manure is approved by the state agriculture department, while no case of spurious manure has been registered in the state. He said that HIMFED sold the Sujala manure of Rs 81 lakh to farmers, as manure worth Rs 38 lakh has been sold through Market Intervention Scheme, while manure worth Rs 46 lakh has been directly sold to the farmers. 34749 kg of this fertilizer has been sold in Shimla district, 4619 kg in Kullu and 1378 kg in Kangra district. The government claimed that the agency sold 25522 kg of it under MIS. He said that manure was available in powder form in one Kilogram and 100 kg packaging, which cost Rs 150 and Rs 900 respectively. Chief Minister said that fertilizers being used in spray form are being ideally used in micro-irrigation schemes and are popular in Israel. He said that government would probe into the complaints over spurious and ineffectiveness of fertilizers.

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