People’s manifesto released in Himachal Pradesh


By: Varun

Shimla: The first phase of elections in Himachal is already over, but political parties are yet to come out with their election manifestos. Understanding the seriousness of going through issueless elections, the Wada Na Todo Abhiyan on Sunday came out with a manifesto put up by volunteers.

Speaking on the occasion of release of the manifesto, Subhash Mendhapurkar, member, National Steering Group of the Abhiyan, talked about providing rights-based governance instead of one based on patronage of politicians and bureaucrats. The Abhiyan members felt that the state today lacks politicians who have vision, and bureaucracy that can set high standards of work ethics.

The people’s manifesto has emerged at a time when political parties are yet to figure out election issues that are relevant to the people and growth of Himachal Pradesh. Interestingly, besides major issues affecting the state, the manifesto attempts to bring focus on second-generation issues concerning single women, decentralised governance, dispute dissolution at panchayat level, health care services and declining sex ratio among other.

This effort is supported by Ekal Naree Shakti Sangathan, which is spread across seven districts of Himachal and covers 22 developmental blocks with a membership of 5,500 women. The manifesto sums up the aspirations of around 200 gram panchayats and large number of civil society organisations and individuals concerned with future of Himachal Pradesh.
Some of doables as pointed out in the manifesto include two acre land for single women, revamping of Mother Teresa Scheme, issuance of ration card to single women, establishment of Panchayati Raj Department, establishment of Nyaya Panchayats, appointment of doctors on regular basis instead of contractual appointments and declaration of Himachal as a demographically challenged state.

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  1. Let's be simple when we write-

    Our Country is beautiful and with rich resources.

    Our Problems are – Exploding Population, rampant discrimination, hatred for other communities in the name of reservations, corruption all around, least respect for Honest people in the society, degenerating values, difficulty in finding 425 honest people in India to represent our character, in Lok Sabha who work honestly for the people and make a better India.

    To counter them can we not take up one by one, each one of them and find workable solution. – SS Jaryal

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