IIAS to organise international interdisciplinary conference



Shimla: Indian Institute of Advanced Study in collaboration with the Indian Council of Philosophical Research will organise an international interdisciplinary conference on ‘The Character of Mind’ here during 18-20 March, 2011.

The human mind has been the subject of philosophical and scientific speculation for many millennia. Only 50 years ago, the study of the mind was christened cognitive science. What has it revealed and does a specific concept of mind, new or old, emerge from it? Has knowledge of the character of mind truly increased ever since its systematic study began? Scholars from philosophy (both classical and contemporary), linguistics, cognitive neuroscience, and related fields will discuss these questions during three-day deliberations.

Apart from distinguished scholars from India such as Probal Dasgupta (ISI, Kolkata) and Amita Chatterjee (Vice-Chancellor, Presidency University), the conference will be addressed by renowned scholars from abroad such as Susan Carey (Harvard University), Barry Smith (University of London), Ned Block (New York University), Mohan Matthen (University of Toronto), Guiseppe Longobardi (University of Trieste), Anna Maria Di Sciullo (University of Montreal) and Wolfran Hinzen (Durham University) among others. Bijoy Boruah (IIT Delhi) and Nirmalangshu Mukherji from Delhi University are convenors of the conference.


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