Government of India rejects proposal to change IPS uniform



Shimla: while responding to a joint query of Sudhir Sharma(Cong.Baijnath), Mukesh Agnihotri(Cong. Santokhgarh)and Niraj Bharti(Cong. Guler), Chief Minister P.K.Dhumal  stated that Government of India has rejected the proposal of state to change the uniform of state cadre Indian Police Service officers.

He said that issue to change the uniform of IPS officers had been raised by the state government with centre on Jan, 31, 2011, as union government is capable to change the uniform under section 6 of Indian Police Service (Uniform) Rules(1954). He informed the house that a letter has been received from center, rejecting the proposal to change the IPS officer uniform in the state.

Further, he informed that West Bengal was another state in the country that had changed the police uniform. He said that the department had taken the decision to change the uniform of police officials from khaki to blue after holding discussion with police officers and employees on March and Nov of 2007. State government had given the formal approval over this decision on July 23, 2008, while it had been implemented after completing necessary legal requirements on Jan 18, 2011.

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