International seminar begins at HPU



Shimla: Two days International Seminar on “Economic and Political basic of Inter-Regional Disparities: India and Canada” organised by the Center for Canadian Studies Development Program, (CSDP) H.P. University, Shimla began here on March 17th, 2011.

In his inaugural address Himachal Pradesh Education Minister I.D. Dhiman said that socio-economic and political transformation have had a noticeable impact on the factors, which are at the base of the genesis of spatial inequalities. He further said that no national or international economy can be thoroughly understood without analyzing its regional structures, the nature and functioning of various regional economies, their interaction among themselves and their relationship to the national and the world economics.

In his presidential address the H.P. University Vice-Chancellor Sunil Kumar Gupta said that regional equity is a subject whose importance goes beyond the national level and it is major international problem. He said that it is a problem of regions that have more and of regions that have less and these gaps in income are a source of tension and discontent. Further, Consul General of Canada Scot Slessor said that there emerged a parallel and large literature on political development and economic philosophy in India, which on one hand underline the basic strength of the democracy as evident by the strength of its political system and on the other hand raises serious questions about how the same system has failed to bring about the desired social-economic and political changes. During this two day long International Seminar about twenty six (26) papers pertaining to economic, political, social &cultural disparities are to be presented.

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