An educated alternative for Himachal politics?



Shimla: Lok Paritran a political outfit of former IITians have decided to fight against the Congress, BJP, CPM and the BSP in the upcoming assembly elections in the state.

Addressing a press conference here in Shimla, Chandrashekhar, national general secretary, Lok Paritran said that running a country was a serious affair and the educated would have to come forward to make the difference.

Chandrashekhar hopes to field 20 candidates for the elections. To do so, he urged the educated Himachalis to send applications for their candidature through their website:

Chandrashekhar hails from Rajasthan and is a graduate in Computer Sciences and Engineering from IIT Kanpur.

He’s though not too optimistic about winning even a single seat from the state. “Our main aim is to provide an alternative to the people,” he said.

Lok Paritran would be contesting the Gujarat elections as well.

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  1. When I heard the news aout this party I got excited and checked the website ( found:

    1.Lok pritaran party has not sought any application from candidates through their website. Even when I tried to lOG IN they say they will send the confirmation to our E-mail address but it was not sent yet. Can Mr. Chandershekhar reply to that?

    2. Surprisingly when you click the "contact us" menu in their website they dont have any e-mail contact address, they want people to contact them through telephone only.

    Is it what expected from IITians?

    Mukesh Bhandari

  2. Dear Mr. Bhandari,

    Thanks for your post. First we have to keep one thing in our mind that we are here for the change. Making our India Jagat Guru is the responsibility of all. If you got contact number why you are worrying about whether email id is there or not. Why you need clarification from the person who has sacrifice his entire life for this cause. Please support Lok Paritran in what way you can. First be the change what you want to see.

    Thanks for the finding. We will try to figure out as early as possible.


    Anuj Mishra

    +91 – 99001 44384

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