Koksar & Sisu villages trapped under glaciers: CPI-M



Shimla (Feb 26): Seeking immediate relief to evacuate glacier-hit Koksar and Sissu villages of Lahaul Spiti district, state unit of CPI-M has cautioned the  government that people of these two villages have not been contacted for a couple of days after very heavy snowfall in the area.

Through a letter sent to Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal by party member Tikender Singh Panwar, the party has drawn immediate attention of the government towards recent news reports with respect to the precarious situation prevailing in the district of Lahaul and Spiti. “It is learnt that because of incessant snowfall in the Lahaul valley, two villages, ‘Koksar’ and ‘Sissu’, have been completely destroyed and covered by adjoining glaciers.” the letter states.

Panwer said that communication network at these villages has been ruined and there has been no contact with the people since last two days. CPI-M demanded immediately search flights should be carried out in the region and in case there is an exigency the relief measures should be rushed at war pace.

Fresh reports said that snowfall is continuing in the affected areas while the district administration officer confirmed doubts about inhabitants of two villages while talking to HimVani. More details about the villagers are still awaited.

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