CPIM terms CS Cong agent; alleges US embassy pressure in Karmapa case



Shimla (Feb 18): Giving another twist to the Karmapa controversy, the Himachal Pradesh state secretariat of the CPIM has condemned the Congress-led UPA government for allegedly “working under pressure from the US embassy and  giving clean chit to the Tibetan leader in exile without even verifying the facts of the case”. Interestingly, the CPIM has also accused the state chief secretary of being an agent of the Congress government as she hurried to give clean chit to the Karmapa.

“The picture has been projected in such a manner that the aforesaid Karmapa is above the law. The CPIM has asked the votaries of Karmapa, i.e  the Congress  government, to clarify that when their own minister indicted in a Rs 1.75 lakh crore scandal could be sent to Tihar jail then why is it that a fair investigation is not being allowed in the Karmapa case,” said Tikender Singh Panwar, member, state secretariat, CPIM.

The CPIM further stated that the Karmapa does not fall under the diplomatic immunity ‘syndrome’ as he has been recognized as a refugee who has been provided asylum by the Indian state. The party has asked the government not to intervene into the investigation and not preemptively draw conclusions.

“It is astonishing to note that the bonafide people of Himachal have not got land in their name despite the fact that they have possession for the last many decades and have been termed illegal encroachers, but the Tibetan trusts have not only been validated but thousands of bighas of land has been encroached upon by them and now efforts are on to regularize them under the garb of lease land,” the party has stated. It has further asked the government to provide a similar kind of relief to fellow bonafide Himachalis and regularize their encroachments.

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  1. This is terrible. terrible. How shameful that the US goverment interfering , as usual, when they know NOTHING about Buddhism or Lamaism or what is the difference. I knew they were interfering when that Maria Otega paid an unannounced visit in the middle of this. OUR Goverment Knows NOTHING about these lamas and how they operate, because they only get their information from the rich idiot faithfools in our own country, who have bought the lama trip,unquestioningly, and have totally bought into the Dalai Lama and Shangri la fantasies about Tibet, and stupidly believe that these lamas are a balance to Chinese hegemony when in reality these lamas are working “hand in glove’ now with China. These USTibetan Buddhists, have lost their minds, have lost all ability to critically examine anything anymore, and like the Tibetan lama fanatics, in your own country, NEVER even question whether this bunch are guilty. They use the same logic as the Tibetan refugees, “He couldn’t be guilty because he is a holy man”. Western Tibetan Buddhists have all lost their critical intelligence and reason, but many are rich and have influence in this country, just as it is probably rich Indians who have also succumbed to this “lama enthrallment”both of these groups are looking to buy there way into nirvana with big donations to these Lama Kleptocrats who take the money and build out their monasteries to entrap more faithfools. Stand strong Himachal Pradesh goverment, you are doing India and the world a great service to expose this lama kleptocracy whose only concern is multiplying its footprint around the world, to garner more and more wealth and devotees. Just as they took over all the wealth and resources in their own country , Tibet and enslaved their population there for 900 years. They are still enslaving their minds, even though Tibetans are free in your country, they can never be free as long as they are under this lama influence. You know Tibet was no Shangri lai, and its time the whole world saw through this myth making of lamas. It is about POWER and money. The Central Goverment is letting the most ignorant U.S. representatives pressure you, when they don’t even have a clue what these lamas are up to in their own backyard. These lamas cannot function in the real world, so they recreate their medieval aristocratic god realms for themselves in every country around the world for one reason only: to perpetuate their lama/aristocracy configuration with more and more faithfools believing they are “above the law” because they see them as living gods, just as they have seen themselves since they were 3 or 4 years old. This is a group living in a delusion with faithfools reinforcing their delusion. As Himachal Pradesh has seen, these are not humble monks, these are arrogant rich lamas whose only concern is staying that way. Don’t listen to the US Goverment , please. They are blinded to what this bunch is up to with their own fantasies of Shangri-lai.

    • your whole comment is completely same or copied from chinese communist  PLA propaganda spokesperson.are you communist india or communist china by hard?? even after 50 years of spending time in india, you dont know and care what we say .neither you come to our conference about tibetology or study indepths about its culture and history.your whole comment is the chinse communist reason to capture the tibet. like india, tibet was a backward country before 1959 but this doesnt mean chinese can capture our land in the name of liberation. himachal pradesh should not forget that tibetan monasteries unlike hindu temple is not like a big structure with few saints /pandits.tibetan monasteries are the institution in which there are thousands of monks and nuns studying buddhism for 30 years.i say its kind of university with the holy touch of buddhism principles.i explained it now, but you will repeat same statement after 49 years because you dont want to believe at any cost.the underlying reason is not political but personal.tibetan refugee improved living standard and social growth is the main pain for you.jealousy and hatred is the root cause of this whole issue. may lord buddha bless you for this negative feeling… namo namo buddha,,,

  2. India is a sovereign nation and the question of India getting pressured by USA is simply imaginary and untrue. Politicians always love to throw dirt at each other for any controversial issues and Karmapa case is one of them. CM Dhumal enjoyed bashing Tibetans and Karmapa alike but he was countered well by Raja Virbhadraa Singh and the Central government. HP’s own chief secretary gave ‘clean chit’ to Karmapa followed by Union Home Ministry and so on. Its now the medias turn to make up their mistake and amend the defamation of Karmapa and the Tibetans. 
    As the saying goes, “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!”

    • Please reads quoted lines appeared in Hindu

      {“Cables show India’s Tibet “balancing act”

      Ananth Krishnan

      U.S. believed India would favour “the side with greater public support”

      “It cannot afford to antagonise the former, but it has a sacred obligation to the latter”

      BEIJING: Leaked cables from the United States embassy in New Delhi have shed light on the delicate balancing act India faced following widespread Tibetan riots in China in March 2008, as the government came under pressure to weigh “the sympathy of the Indian public” against Beijing’s concerns over protests in India.

      A dispatch from the U.S. embassy filed in March 26, 2008, two weeks after riots began in Tibet and several Chinese provinces with Tibetan populations, quotes the then foreign secretary — and current National Security Adviser — Shiv Shankar Menon as telling the U.S. Ambassador the Tibetan movement had “the sympathy of the Indian public.” India, he said, had been “a generally supportive home” to Tibetan exiles and the Dalai Lama, the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader.

      Yet officials acknowledged the tough balancing act the government faced, as they came under increasing pressure from Beijing to clamp down on protests as the Olympic torch prepared to make its way through New Delhi.

      The cable, part of the latest batch of documents released by WikiLeaks, indicated that the U.S. believed that the Indian government would ultimately favour “the side with greater public support.”

      “While the GoI [Government of India] will never admit it, we expect New Delhi’s Balancing Act with India’s Tibetans to continue for the foreseeable future, with the caveat that a rise in violence — either by Tibetans here or by the Chinese security forces in Tibet — could quickly tip the balance in favour of the side with greater public support,” the embassy’s political counsellor wrote.

      The U.S. believed India would continue “to walk the razor’s edge between Beijing and Dharamsala.” “It cannot afford to antagonise the former, but it has a sacred obligation to the latter,” the cable said.

      The cables also highlight the prominent role played by U.S. officials in liaising between exiled Tibetan groups, the Indian government and Beijing. U.S. officials regularly met with envoys of the Dalai Lama, who advised the U.S. government on whether or not to pressure India to take a harder line on China.

      In one meeting, Mr. Menon assured the U.S. Ambassador that arrested Tibetan protesters, some of whom tried to scale the walls of the Chinese embassy in New Delhi in the lead-up to the Olympic torch relay, would be released.

      In another, the Dalai Lama’s special envoy Lodi Gyari advised U.S. officials “to positively react” to India’s measured statement in the aftermath of the protests, saying that India had “understandable compulsions, and it’s better than the past when no statements were issued.”

      Another cable, issued on April 10, illustrated the Dalai Lama’s increasing desperation over Tibet’s future, following the March violence. “Tibet is a dying nation. We need America’s help,” he told U.S. officials.

      The exiled Tibetan leader did, however, express confidence that China was still open to having dialogue with him, citing his interactions with an unnamed Chinese scholar.But in a later meeting in New Delhi in August with U.S. Ambassador Timothy Roemer, the Dalai Lama said the political issues in Tibet could wait and “should be sidelined for five to ten years.” Addressing environmental issues was a more pressing issue for the international community. His changed message, U.S. officials noted, “may signal a broader shift in strategy to reframe the Tibet issue as an environmental concern.”}

      • It’s not the US pressure but the concerns of Buddhist delegation that prompted action from Central government over the Karmapa issue. Read the following report as under: 

        Buddhist delegation meets Sonia Gandhi, home secretary Pillai over Karmapa issuePhayul[Friday, February 18, 2011By Kalsang Rinchen
        Dharamsala, February 18 – A nine-member delegation of Buddhist leaders and monks from Sikkim, Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh met with India’s home secretary G.K. Pillai on Wednesday in New Delhi to express their disappointment over the “unfounded” allegations against 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinlay Dorjee by sections of the Indian media. 
        Led by Smt. Spalzes Angmo, Member of the National Commission for Minorities, the delegation pressed upon the Home Secretary that the sentiments of the Buddhist community of Ladakh, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh were deeply hurt by the allegations that the 17th Karmapa was a Chinese spy. They further added that the people of the Himalayan region are nationalists and patriotic to the core and have fought wars on the borders to defend their motherland. 
        The Home Secretary assured the delegation that the Centre did not regard the Karmapa to be a Chinese spy and that the office of the Karmapa should be advised to have knowledge of the existing laws and to hire Chartered accountants to manage the funds in a proper manner and register the trust under Foreign Contribution and Regulatory Act (FCRA). 
        The Delegation had earlier last week met with the UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi who assured that she would look into the matter so that the sentiments of the people would be assuaged.
        Smt. Spalzes Angmo told phayul that she expressed her thanks to Sonia Gandhi, Union Home Minister Shri P. Chidamabaram and Shri G.K. Pillai, for “respecting the sentiments of the Buddhists community of Ladakh, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh by giving a clean chit to the Karmapa and for restoring” the dignity of the Karmapa institution. “This would go a long way in keeping the unity and integrity of the country alive,” Angmo said. 

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